Aperture Education Hosts Fall “Voices from the Field” Webinar Series

Webinars feature experts sharing their insights and best practices for supporting social and emotional learning

Aperture Education is hosting a series of free webinars this fall in which experts share insights and strategies to support social and emotional learning in schools. To view the descriptions and register to attend, visit https://apertureed.com/events/ and scroll down to “Webinars.” All webinars will be available on demand to those who registered but were unable to attend live.

“We created this webinar series to help address some of the challenges teachers and school leaders are facing right now related to social and emotional learning,” said Jessica Adamson, CEO of Aperture Education. “We have partnered with an amazing group of experts, including authors, teachers, and program directors, to share their perspectives. The series is a great opportunity for participants to learn new ways to support both student and educator SEL in their schools and districts.”

About the series:

Voices from the Field: Social Spy

4 p.m. ET Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Guest: Caroline Maguire, author of Why Will No One Play with Me?

About: Learning to be an effective social observer is critical to navigating the tricky waters of making and keeping friends. In this webinar, Maguire will share an exercise she uses with her clients called The Social Spy and how to put this exercise into practice to help children. Register: https://bit.ly/3euDcbP


Voices from the Field: Strengths-Based Learning: Helping Youth Become Heroes

1 p.m. ET Thursday, September 22, 2022

Guest: Jordan Remple, director of the HEROES program at Impact Society.

About: This session will focus on the ongoing challenges of youth mental health and wellness. Remple will share how strengths-based programs equip students with the strength-based skills they need to be difference-makers. Register: https://bit.ly/3qbco2R


Voices From the Field: Educator SEL

12:30 p.m. ET, Monday, October 17, 2022

Guest: Leah Marone, psychotherapist, and mental wellness consultant.

About: As a psychotherapist, a former anxiety-ridden Division I athlete, and a mental wellness consultant, Marone has a passion for reinforcing the importance of mental health and identifying areas where growth and connection are needed to prevent high turnover, address burnout, and improve productivity. This webinar will address how educators can level up their SEL to truly care for themselves and their peers. Register: https://bit.ly/3elhgzz


Voices From the Field: Student Voice and Choice Through Socratic SEL Seminars

2 p.m. ET Thursday, October 27, 2022

Guest: Anna-Lisa Mackey, author, podcast host, and CEO of PATHS Program LLC

About: Schools and districts increasingly want to see SEL embedded in all subject matter areas. Mackey will share how teachers can do this using Socratic seminar, a method in which students lead the discussion focused on a text with SEL themes around the CASEL competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management, and responsible decision-making. Register: https://bit.ly/3RjHvVz


Voices From the Field: Holistic MTSS: Integrating Spaces and Structures That Support, Engage, and Empower Staff

10 a.m. ET Thursday, December 1, 2022

Guest: Jessie Fuller, California League of School’s Teacher of the Year; Teacher on Special Assignment for Multi-tiered Systems of Support

About: In this highly interactive and engaging webinar, Fuller will discuss the idea of creating a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) for educators, specifically designed to decrease burnout and strengthen employee engagement, performance, and well-being. Participants will learn about the science of employee engagement and well-being and walk away with simple yet powerful Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 strategies and structures for supporting staff that they can implement at their site and within their district. Register: https://bit.ly/3QkoAZy

Offering free webinars is one of the ways Aperture supports educators, administrators, parents, and out-of-school time programs in promoting SEL in classrooms and at home. The company provides the DESSA SEL assessment for students and the EdSERT professional development program for teachers. Aperture Education is also hosting its second annual SEL Vision Summit: Leading a Legacy on November 3, 2022. To learn more about Aperture Education, visit https://apertureed.com/.

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