My Life is Worth Living Now Available in Five Languages to Meet the Needs of ELL Students and Educators

“My Life is Worth Living” is now available in five languages: SpanishPortugueseMandarinJapanese, and English!

All videos are free and can be used in ELL classrooms to ensure that students have equitable access to learning the mental health skills they need to thrive.

New episodes of each language are released each week. Find the latest episodes on the Watch pages on our website and on each language’s YouTube channel

My Life is Worth Living” was produced by the Cook Center for Human Connection and Wonder Media with guidance from a team of doctors and experts on adolescent mental health. In each episode, relatable teen characters wrestle with challenges that are all too familiar for many viewers (such as depression, bullying, addiction, LGBTQ+ rejection, and abuse) and discover strategies to cope and thrive.

Free mental health resources for parents can be found at

Cook Center for Human Connection
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