New Edition of i-Ready® Classroom Mathematics Further Supports Student Engagement & Discourse-Driven Math Instruction

Curriculum Associates has created a new edition of the i-Ready Classroom Mathematics program to further support student-centered, activity-based, and culturally relevant learning opportunities in today’s Grades K–8 classrooms. This new edition includes a number of new standards-aligned lessons, activities, and assessments for Grades K–1 to meet the developmental needs of early learners as they build their math fluency.

“With student-centered learning beginning in the earliest grades, we want to ensure that from kindergarten on students have every opportunity to develop – and build upon – their math skills,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “The new edition of i-Ready Classroom Mathematics provides even more activities and supports so teachers can continually engage every student in meaningful and collaborative math learning.”

i-Ready Classroom Mathematics features new protocols for engagement and additional guidance for all grade levels, and resources within the Teacher’s Guides help teachers support discourse and implement teaching best practices based on the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

For Grades K–1 specifically, the program emphasizes hands-on, age-appropriate learning that helps build students’ number sense and understanding. Through repeated daily practice activities, combined with other counting opportunities, students learn the counting sequence, identify number patterns, and develop an understanding of the base-10 number system. The activities utilize counters, cubes, and other manipulatives so students can develop their understanding in a fun and engaging way before moving on to more abstract mathematical challenges.

The program additionally enables teachers to choose from a variety of student-led, easily modifiable centers in which students apply skills, strategies, and procedures while teachers lead differentiated groups. Teachers can also quickly assess student understanding through a number of low-stakes assessments, including new activity-based assessments which are available for every Mathematics lesson.

For Grades 2–8, i-Ready Classroom Mathematics features new STEM-focused graphic stories that highlight the lives and contributions of individuals with diverse backgrounds, as well as enhanced real-world connections to STEM professions within the activities. The program also has improved Math Talks focused on activating students’ prior knowledge before the start of each new activity as part of the program’s effective Try–Discuss–Connect instructional framework.

All of the updates for Grades 2–8 are designed to draw students toward learning and drive individual growth as students develop conceptual understanding, build procedural fluency, and apply the mathematics to novel situations.

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