Navigate360 Advances Whole-Child Student Wellness & Safety Suite with Latest Acquisition in Continuing Effort to End School Shootings, Teen Suicide

For the first time, schools are enabled to seamlessly address the needs of the whole child from motivation through physical safety Navigate360, the nation’s leader…

Opinion: Students Experiencing National Mental Health Crisis Need SEL

By Melissa Ragan Last October, the American Academy of Pediatrics declared a National State of Emergency  in children’s mental health. Among the many factors leading to…


We welcome wonderful new guests from a company devoted to school safety initiatives Navigate360. They are  Melissa Ragan, Chief Learning Officer, and Advisory Board Member Dr. Tamara…

Addressing the Rise in Challenging School Behaviors

With drastic changes made to their education, social and home lives, children are struggling with stressors they’ve never faced, and it’s impacting their mental health….

The Intersection of SEL, Mental Health Care, and Challenging Behaviors

By all accounts, Chris had been an average student. He made good grades, but not perfect. He got along well with most of his peers….