SEL Day on March 11, 2022: Finding Common Ground, Pursuing Common Good

What are YOU Doing
for #SELday?

“If we intend to recapture the energy that has created progress for our youth and lift up their experiences as students, members of our society, victims of this pandemic, and resilient leaders, then we must invest in systems that know, believe, and lift up each student.”
— David Adams, The Urban Assembly


School Quality & Education for the Common Good

Meet the Organizers of SEL Day

Leading the SEL-abration are David Adams of The Urban Assembly and Nova Biro of SEL4US. In a recent Education Talk Radio podcast, they discussed the event, which takes place on March 11, 2022.


We’re excited and proud to be joining The Urban Assembly, SEL4US and a cadre of other organizations to get the word out about #SELday 2022.

How will you and your school be SEL-ebrating?
Let us know below and we’ll publish your ideas right here!

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