Vector Solutions Creates Professional Development Course Bundles to Address the Growing Need to Support Instruction of Diverse Learners

Bundles are from the “Inclusive Instruction & Interventions” library which includes 100+ expert-authored online courses focused on challenging student behavior, specific disabilities, and more 

Vector Solutions, the leading provider of training and software solutions to help schools make their operations and communities safer, smarter, and better, announced the launch of its “Inclusive Instruction & Interventions” professional development course library. Many general education teachers feel unprepared to teach students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. Additionally, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many teachers are ill-equipped to deal with pandemic-related trauma that students are experiencing and the associated rise in challenging student behavior. 

The library includes more than 100 engaging, expert-authored, online professional development courses to help administrators, educators, and paraeducators better support diverse learners and address challenging student behavior. The courses engage users by featuring realistic scenarios that demonstrate how to apply evidence-based instructional strategies and interventions. They help school districts improve compliance by educating administrators, teachers, and paraeducators about many of the legal requirements related to educating students with disabilities. They also help districts address new mandates in some states requiring professional development for trauma-informed practices. The courses, which were previously offered as part of a special education course package, have been reorganized into three distinct bundles to better support the specific PD needs of individuals in districts.  

The course bundles are: 

  • Serving Students with Diverse Needs: course topics, designed for special education and general education staff, including ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, special education law, and more. 
  • Paraeducators: course topics include roles and responsibilities of paraeducators, behavior management, early childhood, and more. 
  • Effective Classroom Instruction: course topics address areas such as trauma-informed practices, managing challenging behaviors, differentiating instruction, and more. 

Districts can also purchase the full library which includes all three bundles. 

“Educators across the country are supporting an increasingly diverse student population with a wide range of learning needs, while still working to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. Yet many educators and staff members feel they aren’t getting the solid foundation needed to adequately address challenges like disruptive behavior, student trauma, and specific disabilities,” said Rob Buelow, head of product for education at Vector Solutions. “Our Inclusive Instruction & Interventions course library addresses these challenges with targeted courses to meet specific professional development needs.” 

All courses are accessible from any device with internet access which provides added convenience and flexibility for employees. Administrators can easily manage the courses through the online platform, and track participation and completion. 

To learn more about the Inclusive Instruction & Intervention course library and bundles, visit

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