Eduverse Expeditions Named Winner in the Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: Best of 2022

The third K-12 education award Eduverse Expeditions has won since its launch!

Avantis Education’s Eduverse Expeditions has been named a winner in the Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: Best of 2022. The award recognizes outstanding products that supported teaching and learning in 2022. Products are judged based on their feature set, innovation, perceived value and ease of use.

Since its launch in June 2022, Eduverse Expeditions has been named a winner in three K-12 education award programs and a finalist in a fourth program. It was a 2022 winner in the Tech & Learning Best of Show Awards at ISTELive 22 and THE Journal’s 2022 New Product Awards. It was also named a finalist in the District Administration Top Ed Tech Products Awards at FETC 2023.

“Eduverse Expeditions is helping to meet an increased demand for AR and VR content created specifically for K-12 education, and we are honored to have earned three awards in just six months. .” said Avantis Education’s CEO, Nik Tuson. “This latest award from Tech & Learning is further evidence that we are providing innovative technologies to teachers, and the students they serve.”

Eduverse Expeditions is a free immersive library of VR and AR content, including engaging 360-degree photos and videos, 3D models, educator resources, and lesson plans. It allows students to go on adventures to see famous landmarks and cities and experience different cultures without ever leaving the classroom. Students appear as their avatars and can see and talk to each other, and work together as they explore these far-off destinations with guidance from their teacher. It also includes a “Wellbeing” section with experiences that can help support students’ social and emotional skills and sensory needs.

Eduverse Expeditions is powered by the “Eduverse,” a built-for-education online platform from Avantis Education, that allows students to experience the fully immersive online content all from a secure, teacher-controlled virtual environment.

The judge who evaluated Eduverse Expeditions noted it “solves the problem of students not being able to travel and experience other cultures.”

“This FREE tool allows students to experience things they might not ever get to experience. It also allows for SEL experiences in giving students time to cool off and calm down while being taken to another place. Definitely a tool every teacher needs in the classroom,” the judge stated.

The Tech & Learning editorial team commended the winners on their achievement. “Each year the Awards of Excellence grow to include a more diverse range of products and companies. With this being the case, judging and finding our winners becomes a tougher decision with each award,” stated the editorial team. “All of our judging is performed by industry experts, meaning those who have impressed and won the award should be truly proud of their achievement. Well done from all of Tech & Learning.”

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