Making the Case for SEL

The majority of students, teachers, and families agree: Social and emotional learning (SEL) belongs in schools.

What we know is that SEL is driven by what the research says, what families want, and what is best for children – not by politics on any side. But when political agendas are prioritized over children’s healthy development, students risk losing out on an education that will help them succeed in school and in life.

Communities across the political spectrum recognize that all students deserve a high-quality education that fully supports their social, emotional, and academic learning. Unfortunately, a lack of understanding and misinformation is causing confusion.  Now is the time for brave thinkers and tireless doers to speak up for SEL.

Explore resources to help you champion the facts, take action, and connect with schools, families, and communities. #SpeakUpforSEL

Our children deserve nothing less than an education that SELebrates them.

SEL Today
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