Vector Solutions Launches Social Good Program Vector Cares Offering Free Training

The Vector Cares program provides complimentary online courses on critical topics to promote increased safety, mental health and well-being in our communities


TAMPA, FL, March 21, 2023 – Today, Vector Solutions, the leading provider of impactful technology solutions dedicated to driving safer, smarter, better decision-making in the world’s most critical industries, announced the launch of Vector Cares, a social good program. Vector Cares combines Vector Solutions’ existing world-class technology and capabilities to serve its communities with complimentary online courses on critical topics. The selected courses cover a range of safety and well-being topics  and were chosen to promote social awareness and serve as a resource for individuals who want to learn more and make their organizations and communities a better place. These interactive eLearning courses are free to anyone who registers. 


The Vector Cares program offers 26 complementary courses that focus on keeping students, first responders and our workforce safe. The courses cover topics ranging from mental health, substance misuse and diversity to becoming an ally, servant leadership, stress management, and more. Users have access to the full course modules, including interactive exercises and quizzes. Courses are broken up into three categories and include, but are not limited to:

  • Education: Keeping Students Safe & Healthy: Strategies for Combating Depression, Opioid Overdose Response Awareness, How to Be an Upstander Against Bullying, Making Schools Safe and Inclusive for LGBTQ Students
  • Public Safety: Keeping First Responders Safe & Healthy: Mental Health for First Responders, PTSD in the Fire Industry, Human Trafficking Basics for First Responders, Cultural Competency in Law Enforcement 
  • Commercial: Keeping our Workforce Safe & Healthy: Stress Management and Prevention, Cybersecurity Overview, Heat Stress Causes, Active Shooter Response


The program allows free access to instructionally sound and highly valued eLearning courses to expand knowledge on subjects that matter. Just as valuable as the course content itself, these modules include interactive exercises to measure and ensure full understanding of critical information on these topics that impact the community, ultimately enabling users to make safer, smarter, better decisions.


“At Vector Solutions, our mission is to serve frontline workers and everyday heroes by delivering intelligent software solutions that empower them to make decisions that positively impact themselves and their community,” said Jonathan Cherins, CEO at Vector Solutions. “In a time of great stress across the globe, proactive wellness building in communities is more important than ever. Through the Vector Cares program, we are able to provide critical knowledge free of charge to elevate the safety and success of our communities.”


Vector Solutions has a long history of developing world-class courses and providing valuable safety resources to the world’s most critical industries having more than 34K customers across its solutions. Founded in 2000, Vector Solutions is a credible resource – in times of stability and in times of crisis. 


To learn more about the Vector Cares program and other offerings from Vector Solutions, visit



Vector Solutions is the leading provider of impactful technology solutions dedicated to driving safer, smarter, better decision-making in the world’s most critical industries. Embedded into daily workflows to drive improvements in compliance, safety, performance, and preparedness, our software includes training management, industry-focused online course libraries, EHS management, workforce scheduling, risk communication, operational readiness, and more. Vector’s unique combination of information and technology – delivered when and where it is needed – is integral to our more than 34 thousand clients looking to achieve better outcomes and safeguard lives. For more information, visit

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