Scribbles Software Creates Guide for School Districts Interested in Switching to an Online Platform for Enrollment, Lotteries and Choice Programs

Free, downloadable guide explores the challenges of managing these programs and provides a checklist of things to consider when switching to an online platform

Families have come to expect convenience when they are enrolling their children in school, and in selecting choice programs or participating in lotteries. In many school districts these processes are still handled through paper-based systems which can be cumbersome and time-consuming for families and school employees. For districts considering switching to an online platform to handle these tasks, Scribbles Software, a leading provider of K-12 records and enrollment software, has created a free downloadable guide to help them think through the process and make decisions that are best for their district.

The Technology Guide for PreK-12 Enrollment, Choice, and Lottery Management explores the common challenges many districts face in managing enrollment, lottery and choice programs. It also shares how an online system can help make these processes easier for districts and more convenient for families. It also provides a checklist of questions for districts to consider when making the switch to an online system.

“School districts regularly evaluate how best to connect with the students and families they serve. Part of this is making sure families can easily navigate routine tasks like enrolling their kids in school, and applying for different choice programs,” said Dr. Bridget Jones, Director of Customer Success for Scribbles Software. “Online systems can help with this, however there are many important components to consider when making a switch. Our new Guide helps district leaders think through these considerations so they can make the choices that are best for families, as well as for their own employees.”

The Technology Guide for PreK-12 Enrollment, Choice, and Lottery Management discusses components such as records security, data privacy, accessibility for families, and the time commitment of staff members. It provides insight into how these items can be handled and provides checklists of what to keep in mind when switching to an online system and when selecting a technology vendor.

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