Vector Solutions Launches Integrated Professional Growth Suite for K-12 Education

The Vector Solutions Professional Growth Suite brings together best-in-class professional development content and tools to streamline the professional growth process for administrators, educators, and staff

Today, Vector Solutions, the leading provider of training and software solutions to help schools make their operations and communities safer, smarter, and better, announced the launch of its integrated Professional Growth Suite. The Suite brings together best-in-class professional development (PD) content and tools to manage evaluation and PD, ensuring a smoother and more efficient professional growth process for administrators, educators, and staff. Through the integration of Vector Solutions’ PD Tracking System with the Vector Training System, districts are prepared to connect, simplify, and empower the professional growth for their educators and staff.

A highly competent teacher workforce is the critical foundation needed to support student outcomes – especially in a challenging time for educators today. To build this workforce, it’s important for administrators to manage and support educators’ ongoing professional growth. Using multiple systems to manage and track professional development is time consuming for both administrators and educators. One system where all of these components of the professional growth process are connected and accessible streamlines professional growth and development, increases transparency and collaboration, and provides valuable insights and data to support informed decision-making, which will ultimately translate into better student outcomes.

Vector Solutions’ integrated Professional Growth Suite is designed to support the full professional growth process for administrators, educators, and school staff with its integrated solutions of Evaluations+, PD Tracking, and Vector Training:

  • Evaluations+: Maximizes professional growth opportunities with easy-to-use tools and customizable forms and workflows that help you manage the evaluation and development process from start to finish for educators and staff across districts.​ 
  • PD Tracking: Allows users to easily plan, manage, track, and evaluate all professional development events and activities for educators and staff – improving organization, streamlining communications, and saving valuable time. 
  • Vector Training: Addresses individual professional development needs and supports ongoing professional growth with access to hundreds of high-quality online courses on important safety, prevention, and inclusive instruction topics.​

The integrated Professional Growth Suite offers easy-to-use tools, simplified administrative workflows, and centralized reporting and tracking in one consolidated platform to increase efficiency for administrators and enable professional growth and development for educators and staff.

“Our integrated Professional Growth Suite brings together critical training content and employee development tools in a single consistent platform,” said Rob Buelow, Head of Product, Education at Vector Solutions. “Educators are able to track their training progress, communicate with administrators, and find resources without having to switch back and forth between systems. Administrators benefit from the ability to streamline their evaluation and professional development processes district-wide while providing teachers with better support around planning, goal-setting, feedback, and data-based decision making.”

In addition to bringing together Vector Solutions’ offerings, the integrated Professional Growth Suite now also allows for the Vector Solutions’ PD Tracking platform to be integrated with the Canvas Learning Management System. This enables districts to access and track completions of Canvas online PD courses alongside their in-person and out-of-district professional development events and activities.

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